Wednesday, 30 March 2011

203. Welsh Idiosyncrasies. Nickname Series (3)

I’ve described recently how much I liked Welsh nicknames, and gave a few examples.  Since then I have found a website –
where historian Ralph Thomas from Blackwood describes how many of these nicknames came about.  Welsh contributors have added their own examples to the site, making it a valuable record and hilarious reading.  I will publish them here a little at a time, to stretch your enjoyment for as long as possible, and will always credit the contributor where known. 

Ralph Thomas described a small mining village which had six men by the name of Dai Williams.  Three of them were named thus:
      (1)   Dai Black Rabbit after a racehorse he used to place regular bets on;
(2)   Dai Good Cheese after his favourite lunch;
(3)   Dai Tut Tut because of his stutter.


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