Tuesday, 8 March 2011

181. Welsh Idiosyncrasies. Nicknames Series (1)

Lynda is a pharmaceutical area manager who has been visiting us at the hospital for many years.  She’s Welsh, from Penarth, and has many a wonderfully quirky Welsh story to tell – I hope to extract from her as many as possible for this blog, for others to enjoy. 

It is well known that either there aren’t enough Welsh surnames to go round, or too many Evans, Williams, Lloyds, Davies’, Jones and Morgans etc populated this green and pleasant land, and in small villages it’s often not sufficient to give your full name, since there could be many others with the same name. 

Thus a David who was a baker would be known as “Dai Bread”, and Lynda tells me that in Bargoed, on a street full of people by the name of Beer, the shopkeeper who kept a ledger of locals who purchased on account, had noted down the milkman as “Beer the Milk”.

My favourite is of a man in the valleys who had lost all but one of his teeth – front middle - and was henceforth therefore known as “Dai Central Eating”.


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