Friday, 18 March 2011

191. Orchestra Blues (1)

Background:  Eric, a musician friend of mine, was a young horn player with the Bournemouth Orchestra in the 1950s.  Back then he was shy but very keen, always willing to put in extra hours and help his colleagues.  However there was a fellow horn player – Stan - he found very difficult to get on with, and on the occasions when they had to share a score Stan could be relied upon to complain about something – Eric sat too close, he turned the pages over at the wrong time, and so on. 

One day Eric overheard that Stan was being evicted by his landlord and was looking for an apartment to rent.  The ins and outs of flat-hunting and tenancy laws began to wear thin after a while, and eventually Eric asked him why he didn’t just go back to live locally with his parents.

Stan:  Oh no, it’s too far from the shops.

With thanks to Eric.


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