Monday, 28 February 2011

173. Hairdressers (VI), Bristol

Scene:  Conversation about what to do in a medical emergency at home when there’s nobody to ask…

Female customer (50):  Last year we was sitting in front of the telly when my husband got a coughing fit.  Suddenly it all goes quiet – at first I thought oh good now I can hear what they’re saying again, but then I glances at him and see his head slumped on his chest…and…

Another female customer (35):  (interrupting) Oh my God!  What had happened to him??  Was he OK??

Customer (50):  Oh yes, he couldn’t breathe so he had just fainted.

Stylist (42):  (switching off the hairdryer so everybody could hear properly) So what did you do?

Customer (50):  I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the kitchen and got him a glass of water.

Customer (35):  And did it help?

Customer (50):  No, he was unconscious.  But he came round after a bit.

Silence in the salon.  The stylist hurriedly starts up the hairdryer again.


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