Friday, 11 February 2011

156. Cat Dictionary Series (23)

Showing off in the sunshine

Scene:  The couple are in the front garden, talking to a neighbour and suddenly become aware of 11 year old Banjo, who is leaping in the air like a springbok, with his legs rigid, to catch a leaf which is flying in the breeze.  He subdues it and claws it to death, then twists his body with a lightening move as if responding to a danger behind him.  Then back the other way doing a mid-air flip as another leaf sails passed him.  A bird flies overhead, crowing loudly and he pretends to chase after it. Every so often throughout these acrobatics he glances at the couple to make sure they’re watching.

Translation:  You can rely on me; if you run out of food or anything, see how I can hunt.  By the way, do my white chest and paws look more dazzling in the sunshine when I’m facing this way…… or maybe this way?


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