Saturday, 18 June 2011

280. Cat Dictionary Series (32)


Scene:  Summer.  The couple are in the garden, clearing weeds, bedding in new plants, watering, etc, and the hose is lying idle, with a dribble of water coming out in fits and starts.  Banjo and Rusty huddle over this point, determined to catch “it” next time it shows itself coming out of the hose.  The woman notices this and teases them from the tap end by turning it on and off, which makes them pounce and retreat alternately.  Sometimes when the hose is on full, the man manoeuvres the hose to arch the stream of water and he spins on his heels, taking it round full circle, while the cats gallop round like circus horses, chasing the jet of water.  They get drenched, but contrary to normal feline behaviour, seem to love it.

Translation: I tell you Rusty, we nearly caught that thing today, I was within an inch of teaching it a damn good lesson.

Watch the birdie...

Are you turning that tap on or not?


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