Saturday, 11 June 2011

273. Cat Dictionary Series (31)

Scene:  An aggressive, mature and battle-scarred tomcat from 5 doors up (known to the couple as “The Brute”, a long haired black cat with a white blazon on his chest) is patrolling the back gardens of all houses up and down the street.  He walks confidently along the tops of the 6 ft high wooden fences, spitting warningly at any cat who is minding his own business in his own garden.  Sometimes he jumps down to inspect something that takes his interest and to leave scent marks, bounding easily back up again to resume the patrol of “his” territory.  Banjo and Rusty are crouched tensely watching his every move from the patio, not moving a muscle.  Rusty sneezes, a sure sign of stress.

Translation:  We’re watching him, don’t you worry.  I could see him off quite easily of course, but I feel a sniffle coming on...


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