Thursday, 26 September 2013

1078. Of girls and grills

Overheard at the hospital.  A secretary and a nurse are talking about how little sleep they get.

Jen, Medical Secretary (48, divorced):  .... I listen to the farming news on the radio every morning, I get up really early.  My eldest Lisa, she's 19 and studying nursing at North Hospital, you see.  I have to get up early to give her a lift to work every day.

Nurse (45):  But aren't you on a bus route to North Hospital?  Can't she take the bus?

Jen:  Well, yes, but she's used to me giving her a lift - and she does come home on the bus... She wants a meal when she gets home, she's tired...   Mind you I put in a full day too, I get tired as well.  Anyway, Lisa doesn't know how to cook...

Nurse:  Have you tried teaching her?

Jen:  Oh yes, but it goes in one ear and out the other!  She can make snacks for herself, mind.  Then by the time I've washed up the dinner things and put some washloads on, it's past bedtime and I'm knackered...    (Her mobile rings).  Excuse me a sec.

.... Hello?  Oh hi Leese, alright?  Where are you? ....... You're making toast. ....... The grill?  What's wrong with the grill?  It was working fine this morning.............. (silence while Lisa talks)....   well of course it won't toast both sides, you got to turn it over..... OK, see you later.  (Rings off) .  She's got the day off today.  Honestly, what is she like....

(Picks up the file she came to get and disappears, with the nurse still looking at her speechlessly).


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