Thursday, 19 September 2013

1071. Overheard at the hospital

Hospital postmen as they trundle down the main corridor with their mail trolleys:

Postman 1:  That Charley, he's a right peril, doesn't know what he's doin'...

Postman 2:  Why sat den?

Postman 1:  You know Trym Ward, upstairs?  They've been getting shitloads of post from all over the place, couldn't understand it.  They had to investigate, and found it was good ole' Charley.

Postman 2:  Was he delivering all his post to one place so's he didn't have to bother with the rest?

Postman 1:  Nope.  He was reading on the envelopes that they were addressed to "Southmead Hospital, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol" so he reckons what they meant was Trym Ward...  Poor sods got the post for the whole hospital for a couple of days....

Postman 2:  That Charley, he's a card, inn' 'e?


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