Friday, 2 August 2013

1026. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (113)

Over the years I have come across many nicknames and have had a few myself. With so many Jones's, a baker would be known as Jones-the-Bread and the butcher would be known as Jones-the-Meat.

I recall a baker being known as Dai-the-Crust whilst somebody posh living nearby was Dai-Upper-Crust.

I used to work in the Customs office of the Swansea - Cork ferry and one of the regular Irish lorry drivers came into our office for his return journey to Ireland. He related an incident from the previous day when he was delivering in the Valleys and was looking for Bed & Breakfast. He called into a cafe where he had a cup of tea and made enquiries about lodgings in the area. Everybody were very helpful said Paddy and they all agreed that his best bet was Bed & Breakfast at Nellie Paynters. They gave him directions and he set off up the hill to what he believed was Nellie Paynters house. When a woman answered the door he asked if she was Nellie Paynter and did she do Bed & Breakfast. The woman replied that she did Bed & Breakfast but her name was Nellie Jones. The woman explained that her husband was a painter and decorater and hence the name Nellie-Painter.


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