Thursday, 12 July 2012

663. Arabella The Good Samaritan

Scene:  Arabella accompanied by her son Matthew aged 8 are cruising slowly around a multi-storey carpark while Arabella looks for somewhere to park.  She sees a space and slowly drives slightly passed it, breaks and gets into reverse, ready to back into the space.  She looks in her rear view mirror in time to see a car behind her quickly nip forwards into her space in one manoeuvre, and briskly exit from his car and walk away, waving his keys and smiling smugly, as Arabella watches in fury.  She eventually finds another spot..

Matthew:  Mummy, why are we walking that way?  We have to go the other way.

Arabella:  This won’t take a minute darling, I just need to look at that gentleman’s car a minute.

Matthew:  Mummy what are you doing to the man’s car?

Arabella:  I noticed he had too much air in his tyres darling, so I’m just letting some out for him.

(With thanks to John, who remembered this incident from the seventies)


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