Friday, 29 June 2012

650. Is your PC not very PC?

Gustavo works in IT.  A colleague of Gustavo's has just given him a lecture against technology and in favour of the old traditional methods of communication.

Work Colleague (55):  ....oh and by the way, after you fiddled with my PC all my Contacts disappeared.

Gustavo (39):  Why do you want your Contacts in Outlook?  One's real contacts are carried here, in one's heart.  The rest is superficial...

Work Colleague:  You've got me.  Give me a litre of parafin and a match and I'll set fire to the PC.  Sorted.

(Gustavo's comment:  his Contacts hadn't disappeared anyway)

Loosely translated from Blogudeces de la Vida Cotidiana, with thanks to Gustavo.


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