Monday, 25 June 2012

646. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (76)

Over fifty years I worked at the Albion Colliery, Cilfynydd.  Here are a few nicknames:

1.  Dai-Sweat - always running with perspiration;

2.  Ronnie-Braces-Hopkins - he always wore his braces over his vest.  It was said his wife told him always to keep his braces on;

3.  Billy-the-Bandit.  He was always after extra yardage;

4.  Evan Williams was known as Yanto-Preacher as he was a lay preacher and an elder at the local church;

5.  Dai-Book-and-Pencil.  He was a steel checker on the face and was always counting the steel posts to make sure none were lost in the gob;

6.  Maldwyn-the-Hooker.  He played for Wales after the war, so his name stuck;

It was always said that there was more coal shifted in the Cilfynydd Inn than in the Albion Colliery across the road...

Don Williams of Pontypridd

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