Wednesday, 12 February 2014

1185. Overheard at the hospital canteen

Younger female employee: The cow has put in a formal complaint about me, can you believe it?

Older female employee: How can she possibly do that? That’s ridiculous!

Younger...: Well, apparently she has chronic sleep apnoea, and until they sort it out, the doctors have said she must be allowed to sleep if she drops off at her desk, and no one must wake her.

Older...: How can you do that when you’re all in there working in the same office?

Younger...: We’re supposed to tiptoe about and not wake her up. Well I needed information about a patient and I had to know it right away, I mean I can’t hang about waiting for people to finish their siestas…

Older...: Don’t blame you, what happened next?

Younger...: I woke her up and asked her for the information, and you wouldn’t believe how bad tempered she was… Then she reports me. The cow.


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