Monday, 3 February 2014

1176. I'm Spartacus!

A friend of the family used to fly for US Air, and told us this tale of how one day his plane was one of many trying to land at a busy airport.  One of the controllers came on and reported something happened to cause a further delay and that those planes in a holding pattern would need to stay there.

Almost immediately, one of the pilots responded with "Bullshit!"

The controller then said something to the effect of "Sir, the use of profane language is prohibited on this channel by FAA and FCC regulations.  Please identify yourself."

After a moment, one of the pilots reported, "This is flight 123 and we are negative on the bullshit."  A moment after that, another flight reported in, "This is flight 456 and we are also negative on the bullshit."  One by one, each and every one of the flights reported in as being "negative on the bullshit."


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