Wednesday, 15 August 2012

696. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (81)

1.  Dai-Central-Eating had one tooth in the centre of his mouth (Glyneath);

2.  Will Cacs and Dai Cacs were two sewerage workers (Hirwaun);

3.  Dai-Brew - his father worked in the Brewery (Penywaun);

4.  Dai-Dust was N.C.B. Dust Inspector;

5.  Dai-Short-Tape worked in Duffryn Colliery and mis-measured an important piece of steel;

6.  Tommy-Up-and-Down worked on the open cast because he was always up and down in the driving seat of the 'navy' to see if the muck as building up in the machine.

Rees Mansel, Penywaun, Aberdare.

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