Sunday, 21 April 2013

936. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (104)

1.  In Oakdale Colliery there was a young minder who wore glasses, and he was known as Dai-Windows.  Some years later he was prescribed much thicker lenses, and he became Dai-Double-Glazing;

2.  Another workmate was due to get married on Saturday, but an iron bar fell across his feet on the Wednesday before and swelled up so much that he couldn't get his shoes on, so he had to resort to wearing his slippers.  From that point on, he was known as Dai-Quiet-Wedding.

3.  There was a young lad from Argoed who done everything at full speed, he was known as Ianto-Full-Pelt.

4.  When I worked at Penalta Colliery in the early 1950s, the pit bottom overman was known as Dai-the-Bobby.  I was informed that he was a special constable during World War II.

5.  I can recall a friend from Libanus School, Blackwood, whose name was John John.  I was simply known as John-Two.

Keith Richards from Blackwood


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