Wednesday, 3 April 2013

918. Wosstime?

At Birmingham New Street railway station some time in the seventies, awaiting train to Bristol after a long day of meetings.

Company Director No. 1 (64):  I thought you said the train left at 22:22

Company Director No. 2 (44):  No, it arrives at 22.22, I said it leaves here at twenty-to-eight.

... No. 1:  That's what I SAID. On the 24-hour clock twenty is eight.

... No. 2:  No (slowly).  It leaves here at 19:40 and arrives at Temple Meads, Bristol, at 22:22.

...No. 1:  That's after 10 on the 24 hour clock - you young fellows don't understand the 24 hour clock, you had to know it during the war, you know.

... No. 2:  Mmm.


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