Friday, 22 March 2013

908. Suburban story

Thursday morning, pouring with rain.  Doorbell rings. Ann, having just finished breakfast, opens the door.  Before her is her next door neighbour, Linda, looking flushed and upset.

Linda:  Sorry to bother you Ann, but my car’s been stolen from the front of the house and I don’t know what to do... (bursts into tears)

Ann:  Oh you poor thing, come in out of the rain, and have a cup of tea, we’ll figure something out.

Amid hiccups and steaming cups –

Ann:  Let’s think back to see when it was stolen.  Last night we went out at 8 and I noticed your car wasn’t there and remarked to my husband that it was unusual that you were out at that time on a weekday.  It must have already gone.  When did you last use it?  To take the kids to school this morning?

Linda: (sniffling) No, it was a nice day and we decided to walk...I don’t know how I didn’t notice it wasn’t there...

Ann:  What about this afternoon, did you collect them in the car?

Linda: No, we walked...

Ann:  Try and remember when you last used the car.

Linda:  (muttering to herself) Wednesday we walked, Tuesday Mum collected them, Tuesday morning Gary took them in, Monday...yes...Monday!  That’s when I last drove it... no wait a minute we walked home because ...oh my God... (claps her hand in front of her mouth)

Ann:  What’s the matter?

Linda doesn’t respond, but leaps to her feet and with an apology and “I’ll get back to you”, makes for the front door and disappears.  An hour later the doorbell rings.

Linda:  I found it!  I had left it parked at the school on Monday and they were about to have it towed away.  Gary will be furious...

Ann:  No he won’t – you found it and it hadn’t been towed away!

Linda:  I know, but I’d left the sunroof open...


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