Monday, 19 November 2012

792. In the queue waiting to pay for a pint of milk...

Overheard at a Bristol Hospital, at the WRVS shop in Orthopaedics Department:

Man (50's) (In wheelchair, talking to the lady who is making him a cup of coffee)
Left me leg behind in a supermarket car park the other day, look.

Lady at the till (70):  That was careless of you... how did you do that then?

Man:  Well I was with me son and when we got to the doctors I says to 'im  - "Where's me leg?" 

- "Ooh" 'e says, "I think it got left in the black bag with your other stuff in the trolley, look." 

So 'e 'ad to go back an' geddit.  I told 'im, I says "I can't be doin' without me leg."

Young people these days, they don't have the sense they're born with.

Lady at the till:  I know what you mean.


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