Thursday, 3 October 2013

1084. Overheard on the bus, in London

Overheard on a bus in Lewisham.

An elderly lady is talking to an elderly gentleman acquaintance, whom she has met by chance.  They are discussing the cheap Christmas decorations she has just bought:

"And see, you get three for 99p and my grand-daughter has a little Christmas tree in her bedroom and so I got her three packets with different designs.  Because at 99p that works out at about 33p each, which is a bargain, isn't it?  So I got her three of those and then  I went to the pet shop and bought a frozen rat for my snake.  Oh, I've had him about fifteen years.  I didn't know snakes could live that long!  He's only about six feet long; I share him with my downstairs neighbour after he escaped and she found him in her washing machine."


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