Thursday, 13 December 2012

816. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (92)

Back in the sixties in Cardiff I remember so many nicknames.  Nearly everyone I knew had one.  Mine was Pretty-Boy-Schultz because I always wore a suit with all the accessories. I think the name was a mix up of the gangsters Pretty Boy Floyd and Duch Schultz.

There was Jimmy-the-Pig whose father Benny-the-Belly had a pig farm; Dai-the-Whip who used to drive the horse and cart for his dad who sold salt and vinegar; Joey-the-Runner was always starting fights and then running off.

There was Titchie Davies and Nipper Eedy because they were small; John-the-Block because he was a bit thick; George-the-Cockney; Freddy-the-Fly who was Spanish; Prick Finger, a black bus conductor who had huge hands; Deaf-Geoff.

Norman, who said he wanted a normal name became Normal-Norman; Felix because he was a scaredy-cat; Happy Smith; Bongo Kelly a drummer; Dog-Turd-Tommy who came into the juicer (pub) with dog crap on his shoe.

There were the three short fat girls Lumpy, Dumpty and Stumpy; Moonface, she had a round face; Olive-the-Owl because she had big eyes and a pointy nose; Bootnose the ex-boxer; and Peek-a-Boo Palmer who was caught looking through his neighbour's window.

Viv Gregson, Portsmouth

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