Sunday, 14 October 2012

756. Welsh Idiosyncrasies - Nickname Series (87)

Dai Central Eating 'cos he only had 1 front tooth, which was set in the middle of his top jaw. His name didn't change even when he got dentures!!

Dai Vatican - because his surname was Pope and he was a Catholic.

Evans the Milk (milkman) and he traded under that name.

Jones the Bus: they ran/drove the local bus company.

Jenny Rotten, due to poor dental hygiene.

Dotty Datestones (never knew her real name) cos her teeth had discoloured to the colour of dates.

Dic Oil Slick, mechanic, real name Richard Jones.

My Uncle William who lost half an ear in a pitfall was known ever after as "Bill 18 months".

My father told me of the man of 6'3" who jumped from Crumlin Viaduct, the highest in the world and was said to only measure 3'6" on landing, was posthumously always refered to as "Dai Pwt" - Dai Short. Tragic.

Oh and what about "Shioni Onion" - these chaps were Bretons and arrived from France every year to sell their strings of onions garlic and shallots. Always carried on an ancient black bicycle and Shioni always wore a beret and a neckerchief. Today, in our politically correct society, it is no longer the done thing, as it is now seen as being derogoatory or emotional abusive, but people were proud to be given and to bear these names.

Zoe De Luca, Brindisi, Italy


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