Monday, 3 September 2012

715. On the bus - Facebook annoyances

Hot Chick I (22):  I'm soooo pissed off today.  Guess who deleted me off his Facebook?

Hot Chick II (25):  No idea

Hot Chick I:  Pablito

Hot Chick II:  Aaaah - but you hate him, so that's OK.

Hot Chick I:  Yeah but, I didn't delete HIM, HE deleted ME.  Do you see what I mean.  You fall out with them but you don't delete them, it's diplomatic.  And then he goes and deletes ME.  I'm really angry...

Hot Chick II:   LOL.... I don't understand you.  What does it matter?

Hot Chick I:  What do you mean it doesn't matter???????

(Gustavo's comment:  I don't understand it either)

Loosely translated from Blogudeces de la Vida Cotidiana, with thanks to Gustavo.


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